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The Staffordshire supporters club

The Staffordshire supporters club

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

As Burton is known for its beer, Stoke is known for its pots.

It seems only right and proper then that this season, Marston’s will take on the mantle as official beer for the Potters – Stoke City Football Club – in a sweet, three-year supply deal.

Not only will supporters and the visiting teams enjoy our main striker, Pedigree, they’ll be loving ‘our kid’, none other than 61 Deep pale ale. The first, a stalwart of the team, experienced, nuanced and a reliable player; the second a fast-paced newcomer with hidden depths and a promising future.

Both pack a Staffordshire punch in terms of flavour and refreshment and it’s the perfect local marriage of skill and expertise.

We have it on good authority from our head brewer that a little lubrication from these Burton brews helps supporters to sing just that little bit louder.

So come on Delilah, raise the roof! We can only just hear you singing from Burton!

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