The Kent Connection

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A long way from Burton’s magical brewing prowess did you know that we own our very own hop garden in Kent?

We wanted to get back to our roots and a bit closer to nature so in a cunning plan we did a deal with our farmer mates, Clive and Richard, to take over eight acres on their fruit and hop farm.

As we all know hops are the magical ingredient that gives beer its wonderful bitter, zesty or citric flavours and range of aromas that makes beer so darned drinkable.

They are the flowers of the hop plant humulus lupulus and are distantly related to the cannabis plant, hence that lovely warm, sometimes sleepy feeling when you’ve sunk a few before Sunday lunch.

They’re grown like grapes, in rows of vines along trellises in slightly warmer places in the UK like Hereford, Worcester and Kent.

So, with a germ of an idea, Clive and Richard’s green fingers and a few years’ patience we will be harvesting our very own.

If only the FA could think that far ahead.

Did you know? You can order an additional 8 pack of beer without increasing your shipping costs!
*subject to delivery location