Slide In 1834 John Marston established J.Marston & Son at the Horninglow Brewery in Burton Upon Trent. Marston’s brewed on this site before moving to its current Albion brewery in 1898. Slide The Horninglow Collection is a series of limited edition beers from Marston’s Brewery. Aptly named after our original brewery site in Burton Upon Trent. Slide Exclusively fermented in our unique Burton Union set of 24 oak barrels. Every barrel overseen by one of our skilled Master Brewers. Each one of these bottle conditioned beers will be individually numbered, and will continue to mature until you enjoy it.

No1 HORNINGLOW No 1 BOTTLE CONDITIONED IPA Horninglow No.1 pays homage to the beer style developed in Burton and exported to the rest of the world- a traditional British IPA. Pale amber in colour and 7.4% ABV, No.1 is brewed with low coloured pale ale malt, late and dry hopped with a combination of four varieties.

The beer is then cold conditioned for 3 days locking the hop flavours and subtle aromas into the beer. No.1 delivers a sweet honey aroma with hints of apricot and crisp citrus notes on the palate.

Each one of these bottle-conditioned beers are individually numbered and will continue to mature until you enjoy it.
No2 HORNINGLOW No 2 Bottle Conditioned Imperial Stout Horninglow No.2 celebrates a style that boosted the Midlands brewing town of Burton Upon Trent long before John Marston established the Horninglow Brewery in 1834.

In the 18th Century stout was at the height of its popularity in a rapidly industrialising England. It was reputedly favoured by Russia’s Tzars, Peter The Great and Catherine The Great, earning the strong, dark brews their ‘Imperial’ moniker.
The burgeoning Baltic trade combined with a newly navigable route from Burton to the Baltic via the Trent allowed Burton brewers to really scale up. Without a successful Baltic trade, it could be argued that Marston’s might never have been established.

Perish the thought!
Inspired by its rich, velvety style this beer is fermented in our unique and age-old Union system brewing process and pays homage to the unsung grains that can pack so much punch.
We hope you’re sitting down when you try it.
No3 HORNINGLOW No 3 Double Dry Hopped IPA Horninglow No.3 pays tribute to the heavily hopped American India Pale Ale styles popularised on the eastern seaboard of New England - with an intense tropical fruit flavour that would have raised a few eyebrows in founder John Marston’s day for its sheer audacity and punch.

A juicy double dry-hopped IPA brewed using Extra Pale Ale malt, malted wheat and malted oats for a rounded spicy full bodied and smooth textured IPA. The flavours are balanced with a healthy mix of American hops for citrusy grapefruit tropical flavour and aroma. Hopped with Cascade for bittering, and a combination of Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, Chinook, Columbus and Centennial for mid and late hopping, plus a first and second dry hop.

Horninglow No.3 has been bottle-conditioned to keep the flavours and aromas at their peak. The magical fermentation happens in the Burton Union system, in 24 interlinked 150-gallon oak barrels, known as a Burton Union set.

Once poured the appearance and flavour will not disappoint!
THE HORNINGLOW COLLECTION Available exclusively at Waitrose & Partners selected stores and the Marston's Brewery Beer Shop, Shobnall Road, Burton Upon Trent.
Did you know? You can order an additional 8 pack of beer without increasing your shipping costs!
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