Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Burton town sits on the River Trent – hence Burton Upon Trent – and inspired our new ad ‘Trent Setter’. The rather dapper fella in the hat having a good old belly laugh is a local-boy-done-good, Morgan Silk.

He’s your classic ‘grew up in Burton, left for fame and fortune in London and has returned to the lure of his home town for the quieter life’ kind of guy.

Our Morgan did alright for himself: Having studied photography at Burton College and then Blackpool he moved to London for some proper action. After sofa-surfing for a few years, he found his niche in digital re-touching of photos in advertising using the then relatively new Photoshop software. He was good at it and became very sought-after in his field.

A trend setter if you like.

After 10 years of editing he took up photography again, got his first big job for Landrover and won awards for the campaign successfully relaunching his photographic career for some pretty big names.

He still takes the big commissions but recently moved back to Burton where he lives with Donna and brews beer in his garage.

See. Burton is in the blood. It gets you like that.

Did you know? You can order an additional 8 pack of beer without increasing your shipping costs!
*subject to delivery location