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Pukka up!

Pukka up!

Monday, March 2, 2020

In British Pie Week (2nd – 8th March) there’s no better time than to reveal our pukka new partnership with our mates down the road in Leicester.

The Pukka piemasters have created the ultimate steak and ale pie with our very own Pedigree – all the Ps see?

Pukka Steak and Pedigree Ale Pie is filled with beef steak in a rich Marston’s Pedigree gravy, encased in a light golden puff pastry.

As fellow East Midlanders, Pukka was established in Leicester by the Storer family in 1963 and their signature pies sold nationwide to pubs, fish and chip shops and supermarkets have become the byword for all things genuinely, properly good. Sounds the the pie version of our beer!

Our Head brewer, Pat reckons it’s a pastry and beer match made in heaven and the perfect meal to enjoy down the pub, at the chippy or at home,

We say share some Pukka n’ Pedigree love!

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