Patrick McGinty, 100% Burton

Patrick McGinty, 100% Burton

Friday, November 4, 2016

Patrick McGinty jumps out of bed every morning because he properly loves his job.

He’s the head honcho at Marston’s because as Head Brewer he’s the man responsible for brewing our beautiful beer.

A local lad, his mum worked in the research and development laboratories in another brewery which piqued his interest in brewing. So when he landed an apprenticeship at Marston’s at sixteen he decided to pass on A levels and go straight to work.

(It goes without saying that landing a job in brewing in Burton is something that makes your mum and dad really proud.)

Over the next twenty years Pat worked across all aspects of brewing and production in the brewery. In his time, he’s made sure that the labels were on straight on the bottles; the yeast was pitched into the brew at the right time; the beer dropped clear and bright on the bar and that the lads and lasses in the brewing teams washed up their own flippin’ mug in the brewery office!

Not only that, he has taken all his brewing qualifications along the way – on the job, as it were. The ultimate qualification, that of Master Brewer, took five years of blood, sweat and night school and is way harder than becoming a Prestige Master in Call of Duty Black Ops.

He met and married a local girl, Suzanne, who works at the brewery and they have a young daughter. Sadly for Pat, she hasn’t shown any sign yet that she wants to work in brewing.

But then she is only six years old. Give her time.

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