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We’re having some mates round for Christmas

Friday, November 18, 2016

In common with many of you, we’ve decide to have a few mates round for Christmas.

We’d like to invite you to our annual pre-Christmas bash on Saturday 10th December from 12 to 3pm. Christmas jumpers are welcome but not compulsory.

Enjoy sampling the odd beer or two – you can even try some of the trial brews from our brand new nano brewery called ‘DE14’ and see where the magic happens! Then tap your foot at some festive tunes whilst casting an eye over some potential Christmas goodies; local crafts, beer exclusives, beer hampers and beer merchandise. What else does the discerning beer fan need for Christmas?

Except for a good feed up of course – and that is magnificently provided by the hog roast, fish and chip van and a crepe stall.

Then there’s the big fella himself. When he’s not Ho-ho-ho-ing around on the dray pulled by his very own Shire Horse he’ll be ensconced in his Grotto listening to special requests on Christmas lists from the younger visitors.

Not only is there lots of free stuff for the kids to do but there is free parking, free entry and a free mince pie, as well us donating some of the takings to the Marston’s Charitable Fund.

Beer. Food. Presents. Santa. Mince pies.

It’s a lot to take in but that’s how we do Christmas parties in Burton.

For more info call us on 01283 507391 or email


(We had you at ‘hog roast’ right?)

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