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Why do we ask you are of legal drinking age?

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The time-honoured traditions, historic buildings, the evocative smells, the fizz
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When Icons Meet

As Burton is known for its beer, Stoke is known for its pots.
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The Staffordshire supporters club

The winners for Marston’s Beer Town Film Festival 2019 were
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Beer Town attracts new wave of creativity

Marston’s 61 Deep takes the ‘reins’ as title sponsor of
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Marston’s 61 Deep Midlands Grand National

“Build it and they will come” said the man. We
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Film festival – the sequel

When you’re in deep, keep digging right? Not so when
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Adam’s in deep

We were feeling the force recently. And not just because
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Can you feel the force?

We came. We saw. We selected. It’s not often that
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Beer Town. Our town

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