Marston's Brewery - Home Brew Challenge

Marston's Brewery are on the search for the best national Home Brewer.

Whether you're an avid home brewer, do it for fun, or are a brew newbie, we want to hear from you!

The Judges

We've got an exceptional panel of knowledgeable experts ready to judge your recipes — including Marston's Brewery Head Brewer Pat McGinty, author and beer lover Pete Brown, beer blogger and educator Tim Jones (BeerYeti), and Emma Inch, the award-winning beer writer and producer of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio.

Pat McGinty
Pat McGinty
"Brewing takes patience and skill but the end results can be incredibly rewarding. I'm looking forward to tasting some full-bodied, innovative beers and would love to see some pales and ambers, as well as experimental and unique brews."
Pete Brown
Pete Brown
"I'm expecting we'll see a lot of experimental beers with innovative ingredients. There's still so much unexplored potential in hops, malt, yeast and getting the water profile right for them and for the particular style you're brewing."
Tim Jones (BeerYeti)
Tim Jones (BeerYeti)
"Creating the perfect full-bodied beer requires a mix of art and science. It's not necessarily the style that you choose but putting together a recipe that's well-balanced and a little bit different, while executing it well."
Emma Inch
Emma Inch
"I'll be looking for a recipe that's innovative enough to get itself noticed, but traditional enough to demonstrate a sound knowledge of brewing. It takes imagination, artistry and skill to bring both elements together."

Winner will be announced on Saturday 27th February

The Prizes

£500 Voucher

£250 Voucher

How to Enter

All you need to do is submit your beer recipe below and our judges will shortlist the best recipes. Brewers of shortlisted recipes will be contacted to make their beers and send them to Marston's Brewery.

Think you can take the home brewing crown?
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