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3000 miles or so

A collaboration between Mike Head Brewer at Shipyard (Maine USA) and Patrick Head Brewer at Marston’s. ‘3000 miles or so’ is a marriage of a traditional Burton IPA and an American IPA.  This collaboration is contains an exquisite blend of English and American hops. Perfection was key and precise additions of aroma hops were added in three stages. A blend of UK Olicana, USA Citra and Chinook were used to liberate a fresh grapefruit, citrus and mango aroma. While Goldings, Challenger, Admiral and centennial provide the backbone of this IPA. The beer has a spicy hop flavour balanced nicely with the malty sweetness. Held aloft in admiration the warming amber glow typifies the all American style coming together with original craft of a Burton brewed IPA.


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Beer Facts

Colour: Light copper
Smell: Powerful citrus aroma
ABV: 6%
Bitter: 4/5
Sweet: 1/5


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