Patrick McGinty

Head Brewer

Pat is the head honcho at Marston’s because as Head Brewer he’s the man responsible for brewing our beautiful beer.

A local lad, he landed an apprenticeship at Marston’s at sixteen he decided to pass on A levels and go straight to work.

Over the last twenty years Pat worked across all aspects of brewing and production in the brewery. In his time, he’s worked his way around every brewing and production process there is whilst taking his brewing and management qualifications along the way, including that of Master Brewer.

He met and married a local girl, Suzanne, who works at the brewery and they have a young daughter. You could say he’s 100% Burton.

Emma Gilleland

Director of Supply Chain

Having been the first ever woman head brewer in England, Emma has now moved on to become our Director of Supply Chain which means that she is responsible for brewing, production and distribution of beer to customers across all five breweries in the Marston’s business; from Cumbria to Hampshire.

Emma has been described by the BBC website as the ‘most influential women in brewing today’.

Mark Newton


Mark Newton is one of only a handful of master coopers left in England. He started his apprenticeship at H&J Buckleys in Manchester, in 1977, aged just 15.

“I’d always wanted to work on wood with my hands, so it seemed perfect for me. There was never a dull moment, time absolutely flew by, because it was something totally different, a proper craft.”

Now Mark works exclusively for Marston’s on our Burton Union system.

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