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We don’t want to come over all big headed, but we’ve got 3 master brewers here at the Albion brewery. They all work for our head brewer, Pat McGinty. Pat is to brewing what Cruyff was to football. Part artist, part scientist. Total legend.

Every beer has its recipe, but it’s how the brewer prepares and brews it that makes all the difference. Pat and his all-star team are behind every beer that carries the famous, three-barrel logo.

Including Pedigree. The last beer still brewed with the Burton Union System. Double rows of oak casks mounted onto a frame. A long trough above them to ferment the beer and grow the special yeast. The same yeast that’s been used for over a hundred years.

It all takes a lot of time, care and effort. But lucky for us, that’s just how Pat and his team like it.

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