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Introducing Pedigree, or “P” as it was first known. Strange that looking back. Anyway, it has a fascinating aroma. Palate of biscuity malt, spicy hops and light fruitiness. It was renamed in a staff competition back in George Peard’s day. He’s significant as he was our Head Brewer at the time – that’s him on the bottle. Cheers George.


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Beer Facts

Style: Amber Ale
ABV: 4.5%
Bitter: 2.5/5
Sweet: 2.5/5
Food Matching: Darker meats, Pork Pies, Sausage & Mash, Steak Pie and Sunday Roasts

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Getting the best out of your beer

So you’ve bought our new Bottle Conditioned Pedigree, but what does that mean? Well put simply, the beer is still fermenting, right there in front of you. Brilliant right? Just like a fine wine, this bottle of Pedigree is getting better with age, with a small amount of yeast kicking in a secondary fermentation. Now we want this to be the best beer it can be, so we had our brewers jot down a guide:

  • Always store bottle conditioned beer with the cap up, never on its side.
  • Store the bottles in a cool place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Yeast becomes very active in warm temperatures and this can ruin the beer. It will have a shorter shelf life and become overly carbonated, often foaming over when opened.
  • Try to avoid jostling or shaking the bottles too much as it can disturb or kill the yeast.
  • When pouring, do so slowly and smoothly so you don’t disturb too much of the yeast.
  • It’s often best to avoid pouring that last bit of beer from the bottle where the yeast has settled.

Any problems, just get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

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