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Why do we ask you are of legal drinking age?

Marston's PLC, is an Associate Member of the Portman Group, an independent industry body set up to monitor and advise on the responsible marketing and selling of alcoholic products. We adhere to the Portman Group Gudelines which requires all visitors to alcohol promotion websites to pass through an Age Verification Page. This is to ensure that alcohol marketing and sales pages can only been seen by those of a legal drinking age. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

A Live Beer

Live beer (like Marston’s Pedigree) is always evolving. Allowed to condition naturally to mature as it were, a beer with a little extra yeast to jumpstart the fermentation process again.  Breaking down the sugars to release a greater depth of flavour. The CO2 produced by the yeast can’t escape so it dissolves back into the beer, carbonating it as it goes. This is what makes it look cloudy. But give it a second. Let the sediment settle and then pour it smoothly into a glass.  Cheers.

Botle Conditioned Explained

Everything you need to know about bottle conditioned beer from



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