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  • Happy Father's Day. Cheers Dad! 
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  • Anyone fancy a tour round the brewery in this beauty? 
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Ralph W. is drinking Saddle Tank (3.75)
Ross P. is drinking 61 Deep
at The White Hart in Greater London (3.25)
Phil C. is drinking Wainwright
at Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club (3)
Mykhailo L. is drinking Shipyard American IPA
Steve W. is drinking Saddle Tank
at The Old Eagles
Lee W. is drinking Lancaster Bomber
at White Lion in Cheshire (3)

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Blair K. is drinking Flight Suit (4)
Šarūnas N. is drinking Flight Suit (4.5)
George A. is drinking Flight Suit
at The Swan in Worcestershire (4.5)
Bryan T. is drinking Flight Suit (2)
Ian H. is drinking 4-Track
at Crown And Anchor in Shropshire (1.5)
Gareth M. is drinking Flight Suit
at Haworth Old Hall (4.5)