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Marston's brews a whole range of ales for
every taste. Here's the whole family.


“You get lovely spicy hops, juicy malt and a very light hint of apple fruit. It’s an incredible beer.”
Roger Protz, Good Beer
Guide Editor.

Thanks, Roger, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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New World Pale Ale

Our latest offering – a light, refreshing new beer with all the funky flavours of some fresh Australian hops.

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EPA is an easy drinking beer with lots of flavour.
It’s brewed using modern methods and a combination of Cascade and Stryian hops.

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Old Empire

Pale yet strong with a hoppy taste, Marston’s Old Empire has all the character of a true India Pale Ale.

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Marston’s Burton Bitter

One of our oldest beers, this was created by John Marston when he established the first brewery in 1834.

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Double Drop

Double is brewed using the almost forgotten ‘double drop’ fermentation technique, to give it a fresher and brighter taste.

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Oyster Stout

In Dickens’s Victorian London, stout and oysters were actually a poor man’s meal, and considered to be good, hearty stuff. This is a beer that harks back to those times.

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Pale Ale

A traditional pale ale brewed for flavour and taste, as much as its looks.

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Marston’s Resolution is double fermented for a strong refreshing beer that’s less filling.

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Quench your thirst with this tasty and refreshing blend of traditionally brewed pale ale and lemonade.

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Marston's Smooth

Marston’s Smooth is as easy and light as you’d expect of a smooth beer, but with a truly distinctive, full flavoured taste.

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Strong Pale Ale

We’ve combined all our experience and skill with some exceptional ingredients to produce a smooth, strong and very drinkable beer with a great flavour and strong colour.

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Guest ales

No country produces such a wide range of superb, distinctive ales as we do. From the Lake District all the way to the south coast, we have even more top quality ales that guest in our pubs.

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